02 December 2006

Unemployed and uninsured

"So what do you do for a living?"
"I'm... uh... well, I'm between jobs at the moment."

My last day at Microsoft was yesterday, and I don't start my new job at Google for a whole 2 days. That'll give me plenty of time to fix up all the stuff in the house that needs fixin'.


Weber Ress said...

Good luck Gary !

PS: I love XNAExtras !

Lance said...

Good luck at your new job Gary! I hope you get to make XNAExtras a shared source project.

Take care.

Scot Boyd said...

Any word on XNAExtras and Codeplex?

Jamie said...

So, um, hey, if you left Microsoft in November, does that mean you never got BitmapFont up and running on the 360?

You can e-mail me at jdfristrom - at - gmail.com if you'd like.

Jim d said...

Hi Gary. Hope you're having a good time at the Googleplex(I've seen the cafeteria -- so jealous!!!) I read all your XNA blog posts and they were very helpful. Thanks!

According to this post by David Weller at MSFT, we should contact you re: licensing terms for XNAExtras. Do you have any new info on if/how we can use this awesome library?