14 November 2007

Bedlam DL3 : 10 years and 1 month ago today

October 14th was the 10th anniversary of Bedlam DL3. These images are from the "I survived Bedlam DL3" t-shirt designed by Frank Lee, who was also in the Outlook group at the time Bedlam occurred.

The back of the Bedlam shirt is far more interesting - it contains choice extracts from some of the emails messages that were sent to the list.

...I see that I'm a member of this alias. I never subscribed to it, and would like to know:
a) am I supposed to be on it?
b) what is it?

Ditto to the response below.
How big is this alias anyway?
Wider distribution...
same here...
Here, as well..
Here too.....
Yep. Over here, too.
and here...
Myself also.........
And me.
Very good question
very very good question
in fact an excellent question
couldn't agree more
Yes, I also think so.
I concur...
Me too!
Me too. Any ideas?
Me, too. I have no idea, either.
me too? What is this?
Yeah, me too.
me three...
moi, aussi.
do not "me too" this is apparently a huge list
it would probably be a good idea to halt the "me too's" before they get out of hand.
At the risk of adding to the avalanche of "me too's:" Me too!
What does it mean?
It's everywhere...
I think there are a few of us...
And me.
How odd.
Count me in on the puzzlement.
I am also not related to this alias.
I'm curious also.
OK - I am on it to. Thank you
I am now curious also.
I'm sort of liking it.
Can I be part of the fun too?
Ummm...why am I on this mail?
I'm taking care of this....
I'm still stumped.
Dear sir. Or madam.
How you doing?
what was the original question?
Uhhhh huhu huhu huhu....They said.."Member"

I don't know how I got on here either...and I'm in Tampa.
In Montreal too....
what is this message about?
Maybe if we keep this up we'll figure out what we all have in common...
Maybe someone else is trying to figure out what we all have in common......
Maybe we should all come up with a reason for being on this undecipherable alias
any explanations ???
Are we all redheads??
it has something to do with the seattle bedlam society.
It is a new High Society Club??
I think that someone's messing with us.
Perhaps this is a CIA plot...
You all have been selected by our race because or your special computer software skills and abilities
It's a conspiracy
It is Greatly Annoying.
I'm not certain how all of you got on our little football pool
CAN you all please STOP sending mail to the whole alias????
I can't resist--I have to add.
please do not announce your membership to the alias.
we are wasting many people's time!
Please stop replying all or emailing Bedlam DL 3.
PLEASE - no reply all.
Please, let's all stop sending messages on this alias
Would everyone please stop replying to all on this thread
I suggest that we all stop replying to this alias.
lets don't blast back with reply alls
hummm we all seem to be thinking the same thing.
exclude my name please
Exlude my name too, please!!!
It is unnecessarily cluttering inboxes of everyone on the alias.
I do not know why I am on it of what it is.
It's forced me to learn how to use the Inbox Assistant to auto-delete.
I guess I've joined the club too.... are there dues? :)
I'm shocked at the incompetence of all those how have sent silly responses to the list.
Please spam me when I'm done with this mail. I deserve it.
My mom doesn't know what the Bedlam DL3 alias is for.
I'm thinking of having a party at the Speakeasy for all members of the "Bedlam" alias.
How come we're Bedlam 3? Aren't we good enough to be Bedlam 1?
"Bedlam" relates to insanity
"Stop the insanity"


Reply to All.
October 14, 1997

Ah. Those were the days... For a snapshot of what it was like to be in the Outlook group at that time, check out Frank's Our LTD Album pages - the LTD was our official Outlook vehicle for a while.

OK. If I'd've been paying attention, I would've posted this exactly on the 10th anniversary. But I'm not cycling though all my t-shirts as often as I used to (probably because I have more of them now), so I didn't see my reminder t-shirt until late October.

[It looks like someone on Channel9 already posted images of the shirt back in 2005 (although all I see are broken images). Oh well.]

[Update: Fixed a typo and the image links]


Brian said...

A current coworker just forwarded this. I am that user that started that mess...I wrote the original email that everyone did a reply all to. Fascinating that it is still legendary today at Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

It is still remembered by some today :-)